April Tour of Ohio University

On Friday, April 23 the Dayton Section will be meeting at Ohio University. The day’s events included faculty/student pretensions, a lunch, a tours of Stocker Center, the Academic & Research Center, the Avionics Engineering Center’s Hanger, and the McFarland Building. The day begins at 10:00AM and will conclude around 2:30.

Please RSVP by Wednesday April 21 to .

March Section Luncheon

Join us for our monthly luncheon to be held on March 11, 2010 at 11:30 at the Hope Hotel at Wright-Patterson AFB. Maj Ken Fisher, a professor of electrical engineering at AFIT, will be speaking about his time in the field of air-to-air weapons testing with a focus on unmanned test aircraft.

If you would like to attend please RSVP to mark.smearcheck@afit.edu by March 8 at Noon.

February Luncheon

Join us for our February Section Luncheon to be held at 11:30AM on February 11, 2001 at the Hope Hotel at Wright-Patterson AFB. Dr. Frank van Graas will be speaking on his ION Executive Branch Fellowship.

Please RSVP by 4:00PM Monday, February 8th.

Casey Miller has been nominated for ION Council Air Representative

Dayton Section member 1Lt Casey Miller has been nominated as The Air Representative of the 2010 ION Council by the ION Nominating Committee. The role of the Air Representative is to serve as a member of Council and as a co-chair of the Technical Committee on Air Navigation. Additional responsibilities include assisting conference committee and program chairs in identifying new topics, session chairs, and technical papers with an emphasis on air navigation. The Air Representative also identifies and communicates emerging air navigation technologies to the council and president as well as providing assistance with the ION Journal and Newsletter.

Online ION Council voting will take place electronically between Dec 15, 2009 and Jan 8, 2010 via ion.org

November Luncheon

The Dayton Section November luncheon will be held on November 12th at 11:30AM at the Hope Hotel located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. This month’s guest speaker will be Dr. Dave Doman, a Senior Aerospace Engineer, from the Air Vehicles Directorate of Air Force Research Labs. Dr. Doman will be speaking on flapping wing designs for micro air vehicles.

RSVPs for this event may be sent to Mark Smearcheck by noon on Monday, November 9th.

Due to rising luncheon costs, we have been forced to raise the price to $12.00. The price for student members will remain at $10.00.

ION Dayton Section

Dayton Navigators!

We have a new website. Expect to see meeting information and minutes posted up here on a more regular basis. Thanks to Rick Buongiovanni from the ION National Office for getting us set up on our new home.